Thirty West Publishing House


This wonderful company, run by the talented and amazing Joshua Dale, is a new publishing house that I have had the pleasure of coming into contact with.  While they are not taking submissions at this time, they are working closely with other authors and will take on artists in the future. In the meantime, we are honored to share that 2 chapbooks, penned by Josh Dale, have been released on the label, with more publications planned.

In their words:

“We are striving to perfection within the eyes of authors and readers everywhere. Our mission since day one: Dedicating to providing our clients with a unique publishing experience. Utilizing a personalized design rationale, professional cover design, tactile editorial work, and superb communication, we are confident to make your voice heard with the utmost of clarity, in both the textual and tangible realms.”

The following are some poetry examples from the publishing place – and I am honored to share them here.

There will come a time when you break promises
you once made; promises to others and to yourself.
You’ll cross your heart and hope to die, and then take
it back. You’ll promise to always be there for someone,
but in reality you just can’t be around them anymore.
They’ve changed. You’ve changed. And it’s not that you’re
giving up on them, it’s just that you’re choosing what’s best
for you. And it will hurt, because you never wanted this, and
they never wanted to be “bad for you”. You will promise to
love someone forever and the love will change. Maybe you
still love them but it’s just not in the same way in which
you once swore, even though you promised it would never fade.
One thing needs to remain clear in all of this: You cannot
blame your aching soul for wanting to be filled to grow so
big, to live and carry on. “Forever” is a point in time
and time, my darling, is the greatest illusion ever created.

Clawed red
Throbbing veins
The sky is bleeding
The color of their planes
Scorched orange
The engines roar
Blue mirrors haze
Parallel altitudes
Grow brown
Golden wheat polluted
Powder snow
Falls like ashes in the spring
Combined separated by color
-Josh Dale

days west
she sat down
to find
the words
that could save her
from herself.
-Thom Young

More information and more poetry may be found at the Facebook page, HERE. My appreciation to Joshua Dale for sharing such great things with me about Thirty West!


Sending streams of starlight,
Renee Furlow


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