The High Priestess

Lyn Thurman had an amazing writing challenge during the month of October using the Tarot cards – the major arcana – as prompts. I did not have my blog up then, so I have many articles now stockpiled to share with you – here is what I wrote for the High Priestess, card two.



She knows me. She knows the way. I feel her coursing through my soul. I know her in my heart and I feel the gentle guidance she provides. There is a sense of calm as she leads me to a quiet spot. I am ready to listen and sit in anticipation. Breathing ā€“ one, two, three. And again ā€“ one, two, three.

The scroll unravels and I feel her presence. She wants me to understand what I feel more than what I see. I feel contentment on my path. I feel the correct path has finally been placed in my way. Spirit surrounds me and cushions any setbacks I might have. Life is leading me down the thoroughfare of words. And surrounding me with success. And support from my family, friends and more.

I feel and know security is going to encompass my home, my heart, and my soul. I am to be protected. From anything. From everything. Even from nothing. I see that the stillness and the solace sometimes is part of this journey. Heck, sometimes this IS the journey. And I smile. Because she smiles. She knows I understand. And I do. That I do.




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