The Great Green Okayness by Rachel Awes

Awes_6x8_Cover_PresentationThe Great Green Okayness is a field guide to discovering the beautiful wildlife within, infused with a dollop of alimentative honey and delectable color. Wise author and artist Rachel Awes, a psychologist of twenty years, created these works of the magnificent human heart from her reflections following client sessions. Each passage and corresponding artwork speak to the soul like a potent, powerful reduction of boiled-down truth and goodness that every one of us needs daily, a homecoming gift to our humanity. Open to any page and find the passage that you need now. From the African plain to the great cosmos, Awes takes her readers on a journey to discover the beauty around, within, and always.

*I am excited for another book by Rachel. Her first book, all i did was listen, moved the heck out of me. I am so in love with her work and everything she does. Plus she really cares  –  she understands people, she understands what people need and she does it all with love and tenderness. I am honored to know her and have her friendship.

For more information:

Rachel is a psychologist, author + art playgroundist

and can be reached: (web) (shop) (instagram)

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