Chaos’ Whisper Turned Yell

Aphrodite's Grotto

Am I a whisper of someone else’s addiction
at times this causes the world around me to break
into storms soon after the chaos takes over
and there is not a single source of peace
not in these moments
quickly, the eye of the storm arrives
a soft and almost hushed understanding takes over
and in this quiet there is a solace that
will never be duplicated even if I tried to
the feeling doesn’t last long as the storm must complete
the cycle and I allow it all to take place and take over
but once it is finished, the weariness hits and the time comes
to admit something that the storms never could
maybe I don’t need the chaos anymore

~ Renee Avard-Furlow ~

*sharing as a person who is deeply committed to releasing some of this extreme chaos*

A Moment Like This

RAF_SkipsABeat_Jan2015Poetry seen in a different light can cause an uproar of passion deep in my soul. There is so much expression in every line, every word, every letter. There is a meaning behind their placement on the page. Even before the ink dries, or when the message is freshly shared, the moment before reading the poem, there is a skip in steps. Heartbeat quickens.

Opening the page cannot happen fast enough. In the dimly lit room, with the soft music playing a song that happens to have lyrics that are overheard, “like a touch, like a dream, you’re my amaranthine.”

The words come into focus. The smile, the feelings, the emotions, the opened magic book with magic lightseverything. It was worth the wait of a time difference. It became one to remember. Poetry – words weaved together in such a way that it is sexy. It is full of passion. Anticipation. This could be the beginning. And, if it is, it is perfection. The timing could not be better.

Sitting down in amazement, wondering if anyone else has this experience, finding it so easy to just read and re-read what was shared and going about the day. As the day goes on, it is hard to concentrate due to wondering when the next one will be shared.

Such an opportunity here to grow, to fall, to rise, to discover, to be dismantled, to be put back together and to find what has always been there, just never noticed. A chance to not only be active, but productive. A moment in time to be ….. together.