Temperance = Balance

spa conceptA tablespoon of love. A teaspoon of courage. A dash of assertiveness. A pinch of uniqueness. A cup of truth. A quart of understanding. A dash of creativity. A gallon of silence. An ounce of stability.

If we are not in balance in life, life can throw us off course to teach us how to be. So, what is balance?

The dictionary states that it is ‘the even distribution of weight enabling branch red orchid with leaf and stones on wet backgroundsomeone or something to remain upright and steady’. I define balance as keeping all of my emotions, projects and relationships in healthy shape by willpower and positive living.

The tarot card, Temperance, is in itself something to be practiced.. Meaning in moderation, passions are great to pursue but must not be allowed to be in charge. So it all comes down to balance.

One of the gifts that temperance bestows on us is the freedom to enjoy the things we love. For me, that looks like a life of writing, creating graphics, watching my shows, cuddling my family and speaking to my friends. To balance it all out, however, I have to remember to take some time out for quiet meditation and time alone with my thoughts.

Spa still life with aromatic candlesLose the feeling of hurriedness. Release the pressures to be perfect. And escape from the emotions of feeling pushed. Just let it all go and apply temperance. Balance can be yours.

And it’s easier to achieve than you think.