Went Out For A Coffee —

2It was your typical Sunday morning. I had laundry going, had just jumped out of a magically cleansing shower and was cuddling with my kitty while writing my book. I had so much on my mind and one of those things included going to the local coffee place for a little writing, a little eating, and a little visiting.

Enter the cameras. And lighting equipment. Walkie talkies. Props. Christmas decorations. Christmas? Yep. And dogs. Dogs? Check.

Vibrant waitress greets me … and we talk hair. I am still being a bit oblivious to what is going on around me as I place my order for a hot chocolate, a water and 2 potato, avocado and cheese breakfast tacos (no egg).

I sit down, unpack my belongings, and settle in for some writing time. Prepping for some serious, soul-wrenching and earth-shattering scribbling. Then, after eating and beginning on said scrawls, I finally become aware that around me, a movie is being made. The directors, the lighting people, and all of the other many people involved in creating the ambiance of a movie begin scuffling about. And I had a front seat.

Cue, the actors. It was not because they were gorgeous and made up (though they were) but it was because they seemed to have a ‘way’ about them. (Oh, cue ‘baby I love your way, every day.’). Then, IT happened. Coming in the door after the first few actors, was the one I recognized. I had just been voting for him on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ (season 19). His face was so familiar. Finally, the person who seemed in charge sat behind me. The waitress was back, too. And she got me, and her, in a huddle and asked if any of the actors were someone she knew. Then, she answered. JONATHAN BENNETT.

aaron samuelsHe was the Aaron Samuels in ‘Mean Girls’, along with so many other parts I had seen him in, such as ‘A Christmas Wish’ as Sebastian, Michael in ‘Author’s Anonymous’, and so many more roles.

I sat for a bit longer and then he came near the table. I looked towards him, and said, “I am a huge fan!” Typical speak, I am sure he hears it all of the time. Why couldn’t have I said something unique? But, I am telling you all, in the moment, you don’t go to what you think you would love to say in the face of meeting someone famous. You go to what everyone else does. “I am your biggest fan,” “I am a huge fan,” “You’re gorgeous and I want to eat whipped cream off of your lips.” What? Not the last one? No? Just me then. Okay.

I had always thought he was a very handsome man. But, that day, he Jonathan-Bennett-boyfriend-girlfriend-2014rocked my socks off with that suave, funkalicious way about him. He asked what I was writing and I just said I was working on my third book and he looked impressed. I mentioned that I was the ‘writer worth catching,’ He said he wanted to know more. About me! He wanted to know more. I asked if I could get a picture with him, he said of course. Then they needed him on the set. Oh, that’s right. He was there to make a movie, not see me.

I went back to writing, this time with a bit of a smile on my lips and a getty-up in my heart. I looked around and wondered if anyone noticed that I had turned five shades brighter. I noticed a little bit of a hustle and bustle as I did this. There was a very cute gentleman looking around for someone and asked if I had seen a family that was supposed to be there. I answered him, “Yes, but they had left.” He replied, “They were to be in the movie.”

I said something I never thought I would say. “I’ll be in the movie,” in a half joking, half-serious way. He said, “You want to be in the movie?” I said, ‘Sure, if you need me!”

The next seconds of my life were amazingly slow …. because then, cue cute guy:

“Okay, they need you in this scene. We will do the paperwork later.”

I was shocked. I walked outside and Jonathan said, “Hey, it’s the writer that got away!” I laughed and followed another guy the place I would be beginning from. He explained that I would be walking after Johnathan and the other star, Lexi Giovagnoli and the dogs, and keep walking until I am out of the scene.

Which means : I would be in a scene with Jonathan! Wha what! So, I went to my spot by the tree. I will admit, I was a bit nervous and not the most comfortable. Jonathan picked up on this and yelled out for me to look at uncomfortable as possible and then added I was doing a good job at that.

He knew how to make me feel better because I relaxed right after that. It was wonderful. There were a few takes following that and I had so much fun, feeling like a real actress – someone important. (although, to be honest, I am already pretty important!)

A cute side note, in between takes, Jonathan asked about the ‘worth catching’ thing. I explained that it was that we are ALL worth catching and that was my tag line. He loved it! Jonathan Bennett loved what I did. How cool was this?

RAF_JohnathanBennet_ReneeAvardFurlow_MovieSet_Jan192015Afterward, I did some paperwork which would make me not only an extra, but I would be getting a credit in the movie! After everyone came in, I finally got my picture with Jonathan and the other actors.

Later on, I was told that the camera was going to be facing me and to not look right at the camera – so that was also an awesome thing. And I felt so amazing to be included in this whole thing.

Meeting Jonathan Bennett was incredible. He is even more handsome in person. I love his values. I love the fact that he is down to earth and that he can turn any situation into something fun.

And if you are reading this, Jonathan, I adored meeting you, and it is and always will be a highlight of my life.

So, I will keep you all up to date .. as to when ‘A Dog Walker’s Christmas Tale’ comes out – something tells me it will be around the holidays.