fantasy sorceressShe’s nothing out of the ordinary, she has a sane mind, she has brown hair, she has two brown eyes, she has two ears, she has one nose, she has plump lips. But that’s when she is under a regular eye, when she is under mine, she’s extraordinary. Her mind is as complex as the galaxies in the sky. She’ll make up her mind then a few moments later it will change. She thinks bad thoughts about herself but will ooze enough confidence and turn those thoughts around. She spends so much time alone in her own head that she feels she is not worthy, yet when she is alone she’s scared people will leave.

I won’t leave, I’ll never leave.

She plays around with her hair so much it’s like a doll she used to play with as a kid, yet when it lays upon the pillow, it smells like home. She can explore my soul through my eyes like windows; her deep stare more powerful than the sun. She has the most perfect lips, they whisper my name in the silent night air, she uses these lips to compliment me, not just with touch but with words too.

Her smile is one of my favorite parts to look at. A grin that can not only be sweet, innocent but also sexy.  She’ll stand in front of a mirror and as her eyes scan her body, I can already see the judgment written on her face. She picks out the things she dislikes and allows herself to believe they need to change, she contorts her figure trying to make a different her, yet I love her for who she is. With one touch she is able to soothe me, like her hands are medicine and I need healing. A touch so gently it feels as though an angel has been placed upon me.

Her soul is the beauty within her, so delicate yet strong, so calm yet fierce. She scares me, of course she does, but for all the right reasons. My heart explodes when I see her or just hear her name, she is my heroin and I’m an addict. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, yet when it comes to her I am, 

God I adore her with every ounce in my body and yet she still doesn’t see it, she doesn’t believe it. She needs to be told she is loved, she needs to be touched and cared for. I am just a human, living in this world with billions of other humans yet she should love me, I need her to love me. Because she is my destiny, she is my universe with all the millions of stars, she is my garden of Eden, she is my holy grail, she is my alphabet with every letter in between.

What I’m trying to say is, I love me.



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