New Moon Reflections On Moonbeams

opened magic book with magic lightsWhere I have come from is not a direct reflection of  who I am. Because my upbringing was less than stellar, I knew what to do to create this Life to be better for my family. I hold on to the happiness I feel from this by realizing how far I have come and how much I have beat in order to be here writing in this moment.

I strive to keep thoughts as happy and joyous as I can make them. In this world, I would love to see what any road that is a dream to travel on has to offer. I know I will make a point to step out of my comfort zone when I feel I should and if I should feel different the next day, I will honor that emotion as being as valid as the other.

To understand the destined and to reach the lessons that need to be learned, one must shed the Ego and be in the raw, and experience every single aspect of this Life, as unpredictable as it is.

magical  nightOn Moonbeams

Swing high and low and go with Life
You cannot make a mistake in this way
Divinity does not create pain and strife
So follow your bright moonbeams
Your inner constellations and stars
Go with that intuition and honor your dreams
No one knows you better than you
Accept when Life gives you a gift
There is no one else it can be given to
And will present when you most need a lift


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