Dear Me, I need to hear this

(ms ginger‘s writenergy experience brought me this ‘assignment’ and it opened up my world)

Old shabby book, feather and inkwell on a floral background



Dearest Renee,
I would like you to know I am here for you. I will listen and offer you ways of escaping that trapped feeling you have when you think there is no where else to turn with your thoughts. I am here to help you sort through your many emotions for each subject that comes up. Sometimes, I am going to offer your freedom from your missteps and show you things that will cause you to feel elation and joy. Other times, and I know that this is hard, but I will do this because I do love you, but I will also show you where you need to work on things and where you need to apply yourself as well as what lessons you are in need of learning. My job is not easy. Sometimes, I just do not want to come and join you. It’s not that I don’t like the visits. It’s that sometimes, rather than just flowing freely, I get jammed up in your head because you fill your mind with these random thoughts leading to over thinking and then I cannot get out and break free. It is not your fault. Many people do it. But we are talking about you. And you are such a talent. You are amazing with the words I give you. When you put them to paper, sometimes in a different way than I give them direct and sometimes in different order, but you nail it. You are inspiring people with the words we formulate together – I am always here. And as long as you allow the rest of your thoughts and your mind clear passage, I should always be able to pass through and you should be able to formulate my messages. You have to put in work, too, since my messages, like I said, are a little jumbled and sometimes they are going to come out fast. But you can do it. I have faith. And that is why I am here and that you were gifted with this blessing of being able to express yourself through your writing. It’s not for everyone. But you are not everyone. Now, let’s get to work…..
the one who has actually always been here no matter what and will continue to be here – your writing.


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  1. Your words touch the very core of my soul … So profoundly beautiful and full of emotion! You are spot on when you say writing is a gift, and those who have it are indeed very special :). Oh, if only everyone else understood that!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. It makes me smile knowing my writing knocked gently on your door. Thank you for being here!

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