Dear Me, I need to hear this

(ms ginger‘s writenergy experience brought me this ‘assignment’ and it opened up my world)

Old shabby book, feather and inkwell on a floral background



Dearest Renee,
I would like you to know I am here for you. I will listen and offer you ways of escaping that trapped feeling you have when you think there is no where else to turn with your thoughts. I am here to help you sort through your many emotions for each subject that comes up. Sometimes, I am going to offer your freedom from your missteps and show you things that will cause you to feel elation and joy. Other times, and I know that this is hard, but I will do this because I do love you, but I will also show you where you need to work on things and where you need to apply yourself as well as what lessons you are in need of learning. My job is not easy. Sometimes, I just do not want to come and join you. It’s not that I don’t like the visits. It’s that sometimes, rather than just flowing freely, I get jammed up in your head because you fill your mind with these random thoughts leading to over thinking and then I cannot get out and break free. It is not your fault. Many people do it. But we are talking about you. And you are such a talent. You are amazing with the words I give you. When you put them to paper, sometimes in a different way than I give them direct and sometimes in different order, but you nail it. You are inspiring people with the words we formulate together – I am always here. And as long as you allow the rest of your thoughts and your mind clear passage, I should always be able to pass through and you should be able to formulate my messages. You have to put in work, too, since my messages, like I said, are a little jumbled and sometimes they are going to come out fast. But you can do it. I have faith. And that is why I am here and that you were gifted with this blessing of being able to express yourself through your writing. It’s not for everyone. But you are not everyone. Now, let’s get to work…..
the one who has actually always been here no matter what and will continue to be here – your writing.


The Wheel Of Fortune

Vintage Typographic BackgroundLife is a series of ups and downs, ins and outs, the good and the bad, and so much more. You get the point. The thing about life is that so many people really believe that they have it ‘under control’. But life has this funny way of being unpredictable. It can throw you a curve ball and before you know it, you’re heading North when you thought you were going South.

There is a difference between having it under control and having it together. When they claim control they are not allowing for the good changes or all changes in general. People in control are often rigid and un-moving and thrown off course and angered greatly when something different is thrown their way. They live their lives planning for the future and always looking ahead at what should be done next and they never fully enjoy life.

People who have it together go with the flow. They can take life as it comes and enjoy the quality of daily moments as they happen. They live life one grateful day at a time. They are not perfect. But when something is thrown at them, they are not completely dismantled. They might veer a bit off but then they return to the driver’s seat. They realize life is unpredictable and will change and not everything stays the same. Life changes. Everything changes.

Even me. And you.2 (4)

PS. The Universe gave me my husband. We lived in the same apartment building. I had no plans for another relationship. I had just hopped out of one and was fully content being a single mom. But, I was outside on the patio a lot talking to my neighbor and letting my son play. And I would see this handsome guy walk to the mailbox and back everyday. I noticed his patterns and I could not stop thinking about his smile. After a couple of months of this, I got brave, really brave, and went downstairs, in my t-shirt and ratty old shorts, knocked on the door, and asked to hang out. For those of you who know me, know that is something I normally would never do. But I feel the Universe intervened and gave me strength and bravery and I somehow knew that he was ‘the one.’ And he was. Life’s curve balls can really, really rule sometimes!


My spiritual growth at times is at a standstill. And it is entirely my fault that happens. I become overwhelmed with the silliest things. Whether it be procrastinating because I feel no inspiration or being surrounded by distractions (that I create!), I feel very lost when I cannot check in with my spiritual side.

I am going to finally say this and own up to this. I am addicted to being a huge time waster. Whether I get lost in Facebook or reading emails or being on Instagram, hours go by very quickly. My worst habit? Looking up pictures. Mostly of my favorite celebrity stuff. And this includes Pinterest, though I am also trying to incorporate making my pins more site related so I don’t feel like I am accomplishing a whole lot of nothing. And finally, I get caught up on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu watching all kinds of my favorite TV shows and I lose so much time watching them that I have no inspiration to write, meditate or read.

So here goes nothing –

My Soul Contract:

I, Renee, pledge to you, my sweet soul, that I will acknowledge you more often. I will give you the things you crave more. I will honor you with allowing for your inspiration to be translated to me. I will bless you with spiritual articles and lessons to quench your thirst for that side of me. I will not let the typical ‘zappers’ take all of my energy so that I am at a loss of time with you. I will do what I can to keep the fire alive and allow your inner star to shine. I will welcome the star to shine bright and usher in the ideas and joys and assertiveness that is all worth catching.

I guess even I need to remember – I am worth catching, too.

The Hanged Man

I chose card twelve, the Hanged Man, to post next. Thank you to Lyn Thurman once more for sharing this prompt and this is what I was inspired to write.



The Hanged Man

There is such a calmness about choosing to hang out. There is a wonder in seeing the world from a different angle. When there is a freedom from everything carried on a daily basis, and the view is flipped, there is such a sweet release and a moment of deep breaths. This all leads to a quiet understanding that this is the break that has been a long time coming.

 There is such a relief because finally things are being let go and it is okay to do so. Also, things are being looked at from a different angle and problems can often be solved faster because of this.

So I am learning – to leave the past in the past. I am learning it is going to be okay and my world will not end if I just release the hold. Resistance to being off the hook is strong but I have determined that I am stronger.

Anne Partain put it beautifully. And it was a major A-ha moment for me. “I think letting go means trusting the outcome to the Source.” (and put whatever word for Source in there that feels right to you: Life, God, Spirit, the Goddess, Divinity, you get the point). Isn’t that just a beautiful way of looking at it? It definitely spoke to me and I have had an easier time letting go ever since.

I do not claim to know all of the answers. But what I do know is there is so much that I do not miss that I thought at one point I could not live without. For instance, I thought I would go belly side up when we stopped subscribing to cable television. But I didn’t. And I know, in this day and age, you can still watch a lot streaming, but not all. And I don’t feel as though I am missing out. I have moved past so many excess things I thought I had to have and I am better because of it.

What do you need to release?




The High Priestess

Lyn Thurman had an amazing writing challenge during the month of October using the Tarot cards – the major arcana – as prompts. I did not have my blog up then, so I have many articles now stockpiled to share with you – here is what I wrote for the High Priestess, card two.



She knows me. She knows the way. I feel her coursing through my soul. I know her in my heart and I feel the gentle guidance she provides. There is a sense of calm as she leads me to a quiet spot. I am ready to listen and sit in anticipation. Breathing – one, two, three. And again – one, two, three.

The scroll unravels and I feel her presence. She wants me to understand what I feel more than what I see. I feel contentment on my path. I feel the correct path has finally been placed in my way. Spirit surrounds me and cushions any setbacks I might have. Life is leading me down the thoroughfare of words. And surrounding me with success. And support from my family, friends and more.

I feel and know security is going to encompass my home, my heart, and my soul. I am to be protected. From anything. From everything. Even from nothing. I see that the stillness and the solace sometimes is part of this journey. Heck, sometimes this IS the journey. And I smile. Because she smiles. She knows I understand. And I do. That I do.