A Thirsty Soul Worth Catching

amore astrattoMy spiritual growth at times is at a standstill. And it is entirely my fault that happens.

I become overwhelmed with the silliest things. Whether it be procrastinating because I feel no inspiration or being surrounded by distractions (that I create!), I feel very lost when I cannot check in with my spiritual side.

I am going to finally say this and own up to this: I cannot just sit with myself and my own thoughts very often, and this slows my spiritual growth downstreams of chaos.

Losing myself in swirls of words on Instagram or the offers and personal notes in my email or photos and love from Facebook, I realize that hours go by very quickly. Or I end up watching all kinds of my favorite TV shows and I lose so much time that I have no inspiration to write, meditate or read.
I have reached a point in my journey where I know that the moments of silence, the moments of looking inward and the moments of reflection are well, they are where the real moments are. My starlight is not shining its brightest when these distractions take over. I have reached this decision to allow myself more time, and in doing so, have come up with this, a contract with my soul, my thirsty soul begging for more attention.

My Soul Contract:
I, Renee, pledge to you, my sweet soul, that I will acknowledge you more often. I will give you the things you crave more. I will

Flowers in the spring
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honor you with allowing for your inspiration to be translated to me. I will bless you with spiritual articles and lessons to quench your thirst for that side of me. I will not let the typical ‘zappers’ take all of my energy so that I am at a loss of time with you. I will do what I can to keep the fire alive and allow your inner star to shine. I will welcome the star to shine bright and usher in the ideas and joys and assertiveness that is all worth catching.

I guess even I need to remember – I am worth catching, too.


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